Leah Tams 2014

Photo by Candice Roland

I graduated on May 10, 2014, with a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. Upon graduation, I returned to the Smithsonian Institution Archives to complete my second internship before going to the National Museum of American History to create an online exhibition about Women in World War I. I currently work at my alma mater as a the Program Associate for COPLACDigital—a groundbreaking initiative to develop multi-campus, team-taught, distance digital liberal arts seminars. I also provide support to UMW’s Special Advisor to the President, the Journal of American History‘s digital history reviews contributing editor, and UMW’s Quality Enhancement Plan director.

I am fascinated by many areas of history, but I particularly enjoy studying race relations, environmental history, and sociocultural history. I also love working closely with historical artifacts—being able to interact with and learn from a piece of the past is an indescribable experience for me. As such, my dream is to work in archives and collections, experiencing and learning about the past. I also hope to use my digital historical training to share my experiences and knowledge and to inspire others to a love of history.

I am an avid reader and knitter. I enjoy watching NFL football and several different television shows. I am a self-proclaimed nerd, and I enjoy every minute of it.


Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at ltams@umw.edu.